Client Services

Through our progressive and entrepreneurial style, Hire Demand is dedicated to satisfying our clients’ specific search requirements in the areas of, but not limited to: Sales and Marketing, IT, and Engineering. We have built our business on Trust, Confidentiality and Timely Delivery of our Services on a nationwide basis. Our network of candidates spans across all of the major industries including: High Tech, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Biotech, Industrial, Medical, and Pharmaceutical.

Why choose HIRE DEMAND for your next search?

Our Progressive Recruiting Style Improves your Bottom Line and makes it Cost Effective for you.
Every search begins with a thorough assessment of our client’s needs, supported by a solid understanding of both the client’s particular business strategy and the broad economic environment. This knowledge drives our team to conduct intensive recruitment and sourcing of candidates. Our team at Hire Demand understands that by presenting you with a number of ‘qualified candidates’ from the very beginning, we have essentially ‘decreased your time to fill’ this position, which effectively ‘decreases your cost per hire’ and most importantly improves your bottom line.

A Vast Array of Resources Available
Hire Demand has the resources to tap into the candidates within your local, national, and global region. Our team of independent recruiters has access to a large pool of talented candidates who may be passive or active in their search.

Depending on your needs, we have the ability to do contract, contract to hire and permanent placements.

Our Guarantee
We provide a 30-day replacement guarantee on each candidate that we place. If our candidate leaves your company within 30 days of the initial start date, except for general company layoffs or reduction in force, Hire Demand will replace that candidate with another candidate with appropriate qualifications and at no additional cost.

The Candidate ‘Revealed’
Our ability to understand our clients’ business needs and to conduct exhaustive searches is backed up by our superb interviewing and pre-qualifying abilities. In the complex and rapidly changing business and cultural environment found throughout all markets, assessing candidates and finding the right fit is a formidable challenge. Our success depends upon our own talents and techniques.

Every member of the Hire Demand team is certified in Behavioral Interviewing techniques. Every candidate that is referred and presented to a client has been thoroughly detailed and interviewed by a member of our team. Consequently, every candidate that has been presented to a client has been poised with the details of the position to which they are being presented, unless otherwise requested by the client.

Candidate reference checking is a service offered to every one of our clients. Our strong focus and desire for client satisfaction compels us to keep working until the job is done!

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